1. LIBERTY: Back to back but not touching (28%)
This couple feel connected whilst independent enough to sleep separately. They are used to each other and accept each other’s sleeping habits.

2. CHERISH: Back to back but touching (18%)
This couple are comfortable, intimate and relaxed with each other. A popular position in a new relationship.

3. SPOONS (MALE): Male spoons with the female on the inside (13%)
This is a traditional position, in which the male takes the lead and protects his lover. Couples sleep side-by-side each curled up with each other in the foetal position. Traditional spooning is the most common position adopted by couples during the first few years of their relationship or marriage.

4. PILLOW TALK: Face to face (7%)
This position represents an intimate need for one-to-one contact and conversation in bed.

5. LOVERS KNOT: Face to face, legs intertwined for 10 minutes then couples separate to sleep (8%)
This position demonstrates a loving independence, it’s a sign of intimacy, and love.

6. SPOONS (FEMALE): Spoons with the female on the outside (5%)
In this position the female takes the lead and protects her man while he is sleeping.

7. THE LOVERS: Face to face with legs intertwined all night (4%)
This is love’s young dream position where you cannot bear to be separated as each moment together counts. A position for the born romantics.

8. THE ROMANTIC: Woman lying with head and arm on man’s chest (1%)
This is the popular Hollywood movie bed scene position. An intimate pose much favoured in a new relationship or after love making. It represents new / rekindled love.

9. SUPERWOMAN: Woman lying in star fish position with man hanging off the bed (1%)
The woman rules the bed in this position, she likes her space and the man takes a secondary role and lets her take it.

10. SUPERMAN: Man lying in star fish position with woman hanging off the bed (1%)
In this position the male is king of the bed, he likes to have his way and the female is happy to oblige.

(Daily Mail)