Recently Faith Hill chatted with a country station to promote her new song “American Heart.” The 5-time Grammy Award winner also talked about her 16 years of marriage to fellow country superstar Tim McGraw, Tim’s diet, nutritional tips and what she likes to borrow from her husband.

WQYKWhy couldn’t we ask about your relationship to Tim back when you started dating each other?

Faith Hill: Dating one another there is a lot at stake, just wanted to make sure it all worked out. It wasn’t something we wanted to talk about all the time but 16 years later we are still kissing on stage.

WQYK:  Did Tim’s diet before hitting the road with Kenny Chesney drive you crazy?

Faith Hill:  Not really just meant more time preparing food for me.

WQYK: Did Tim borrow any of your skinny jeans?

Faith Hill:  No thank goodness, I don’t like that trend! He couldn’t and wouldn’t and I wouldn’t let him!

WQYK: What does Tim borrow that belongs to you?

Faith Hill: Oh my goodness, I can’t talk to you about that.

WQYK: What do you borrow of Tim’s?

Faith Hill: I like wearing his boxers, button down shirts, sweaters, most everything but I can’t wear his jeans.

Have you listened to Faith’s new song “American Heart?” What did you think??

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