1) Ice Cube. To catch her completely off-guard, take the liquid approach to surprising her with a ring. Freeze the ring inside an ice cube and then add it to her favorite cocktail. There will be enough time for solid preparation on your end as the cube melts and genuine surprise on her end when she finds a floating diamond in her drink.

2) Oyster Shell. Buy some oysters to have as appetizers and place the ring inside one of the shells (after washing it out). Whether you want the proposal to take place at home or in a restaurant, mix up the schedule by popping the question before dinner rather than after. That way, the two of you can enjoy a romantic meal rather than one filled with awkward tension and sweating.

3) Baked Potato. The key to combining engagement rings with food is to make sure the food vessel lends itself well to being opened — a baked potato is a great example. Throw a couple of steaks on the grill, sauté vegetables and bake some potatoes for an enjoyable meal at home. Prepare her potato by making a slit down the center and sticking the ring inside it, so that it’s still visible.

4) Lobster Claw. Seafood turns sexy with this fresh take on incorporating engagement rings into food. If you’re apprehensive about the ring getting damaged but still want to present it as part of a meal, go for the simpler approach of sliding it onto a lobster claw. It’s easily visible, elegant and equally romantic. The vibrant red brilliantly contrasts with silver or gold, turning the Big Question into an artsy composition.

5) Cracker Jacks. We all remember ripping open Cracker Jack boxes to discover the prizes hidden inside. Recreate the adult version of that anticipation by replacing the actual prize with an engagement ring. Reseal the box and present it to her for a unique and youthful proposal, plus it’s so much better than getting plastic jewelry.


(Your Tango)