In what may be the biggest shock of 2016, Canadians may be nicer on twitter than Americans!

Source: McMaster University Daily News
Source: McMaster University Daily News


The American words are on the left in red, while the Canadian words are on the right in green.


So when McMaster PHD candidates Daniel Schmidtke and Bryor Snefjella had sifted through over 3 million tweets from February to October 2015, (after deleting words like “a” “to” and “the”) they had discovered the most common words in tweets from Canadians, and the most common words in tweets from Americans.


And the results, are pretty staggering.


Some of the most often used words for Canadians were “great” “amazing” “beautiful” and “favourite” Along with some distinctively Canadian sports words, such as “Raptors” “Habs” and “Jays”.


As for some of the most used words on the American side… were a little less friendly. “Hate” “hell” “tired” “hurt” “annoying” and some… less than appropriate words were among the most used.


“We could see the difference between the two countries’ tweets as soon as we created a word cloud of the findings,” says Schmidtke, who conducted the research in McMaster’s Sherman Centre.”


Read more about the study here. But until then, have a great amazing and beautiful day!