Bus Shot


Kingston Police are investigating damage from a BB gun to a Kingston Transit Bus.

A window on the bus was damaged after it was shot at on Lakeview Avenue near Henderson Boulevard on Sunday.

Nobody was injured.

The window on the bus will have to be replaced.

Police weren’t able to find the shooter when they investigated on Sunday afternoon.


Stranded Hunters


Happy endings for two groups of hunters in Prince Edward County after they were stranded on the weekend.

The OPP says firefighters and their officers were called to West Lake around seven on Saturday night after a resident heard calls for help on the water.  Emergency crews located hunters who were stranded when their boat broke down.  Nobody was injured.


On Sunday…police were notified about a hunter stranded on a small island in the Bay of Quinte near Massassauga Point.  The Ameliasburgh fire department used its water rescue team to pick up a 39 year old man from Trenton.

He told the rescuers a second man was missing in a 19 foot aluminum boat.

A search by the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre at CFB Trenton found a 51 year old man from Belleville clinging to the overturned boat near Point Ann.  He was taken to Belleville General Hospital for treatment of exposure.


LaSalle Causeway – Closed


A problem with the LaSalle Causeway caused delays for drivers and prompted more calls to get the bridge over the Cataraqui River built.

The causeway lift bridge wouldn’t completely close on Monday afternoon.  It was closed to vehicles for over an hour.

The city and Ontario government have both approved their share of the funding….but the federal government still needs to approve its on third share – and there won’t be any bridge without funding from the federal government.


Thanksgiving Dinner


Volunteers helped serve Thanksgiving dinner to almost 300 guests at Martha’s Table in Kingston on Monday,

18 turkeys, 12 hams, side dishes and desert were provided to those in need yesterday.

It’s one of the busiest days of the year at Martha’s Table on Princess Street.

The majority of the food was donated and the cooking and cleanup was taken care of by volunteers at the non-profit organization.


Flags of Remembrance


Canadian Flags are once again flying along Bayridge Drive in honour Canadian soldiers who fought from the Boer War to present day.

It’s the third year for the Flags of Remembrance tribute in Kingston.

It costs a minimum 200 dollars to sponsor a flag.  Half the money goes to Veteran Voices Canada and the other half to the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers.

The Flags of Remembrance will fly along Bayridge Drive until November 12th.


United Way KFLA – Campaign Update


The United Way of KFL&A starts off this week with the challenge of raising more than two million dollars to reach its goal of $3,501,000.

The campaign finished off last week with just over 1.2 million dollars in the bank…35% of its goal.