Fredericton Shooting

Fredericton police have confirmed that a shooting has caused multiple fatalities in the Brookside Drive area on Friday morning, putting the area on lockdown.

Police have now confirmed they have one suspect in custody, and are asking residents to continue to avoid the area.

The investigation is ongoing.


Saudia Arabian Students

Saudi Arabia is reportedly planning to withdraw its more than 15-thousand students from Canadian Colleges and Universities, including Queens.

Tensions between Canada and the Middle Eastern Nation have been rising over the last week, following a tweet from Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, condemning the arrest of a women’s rights activist.

The University released a statement revealing that 37 medical students providing patient care at the Health Sciences Centre will be repatriated, but it will not effect patients.

They add that Queen’s values the contribution of their Saudi Arabian students, and hopes the decision to repatriate them will be reconsidered.


Collins Bay Lockdown

Correctional Service Canada is reporting that Collins Bay institution is now on lockdown, following the discovery of contraband on Wednesday.

The lockdown began yesterday to allow staff to conduct a general search.

Normal operations will resume as soon as it is considered safe to do so.

The police have been notified and the institution is investigating.

Lockdowns at Millhaven institution and Joyceville institution have been lifted


Prisoners Justice Day

Today is Prisoners Justice Day and former inmates and their supporters will take the opportunity to push for a memorial garden at the former Kingston Prison for Women.

The institution closed in 2000 and is awaiting redevelopment.

The group calls the need for public remembrance and collective healing urgent.

The Kingston Prison for Women was criticized for its brutal environment almost from the time it was built in the 1930s until it closed 18 years ago.


Wildfire – UPDATE

The ministry of natural resources says one of the biggest wildfires in Ontario is close to being under control.

Parry Sound 33 is now considered “held”, meaning it is expected to stay within control boundaries put in place by fire crews.

Firefighters have been battling the fire from the air and ground for three weeks.

The ministry currently estimates the size of the fire at more than 110 square kilometres.

16 fires are still being classified as “not under control”


Police Investigation


Police are on the lookout for a woman who has reportedly entered a Bagot Street home on several occasions.

The couple living in the home posted security footage on Reddit, it was then shared by Kingston police on twitter.

The woman who appears to be out for a run walks up to the residence’s front door, puts a key in the lock, and walks away when it doesn’t turn.

The suspect has dark hair which was tied up in a bun, wearing running shoes, shorts and a tank top, as well as a phone or ipod band on her upper arm. The footage was taken last Sunday Morning around 5am, anyone with information is asked to contact police.