In honour of today being #NationalMapleSyrupDay, here are 11 awesome ways to enjoy maple syrup, aside from on your pancakes!


1. Popcorn
Upgrade popcorn with sweet maple syrup and smoky bacon.



2. Scones
Chia seeds add fantastic texture to these fast breakfast pastries.


3. Pie
Use maple syrup instead of molasses.Maple Shoo Fly Pie


4. Cocktails
For a fall take on an Old-Fashioned, add some dark amber syrup.


5. Roasted Vegetables
Drizzle maple syrup over butternut and squash before roasting.


6. Fajitas
Maple and bourbon works surprisingly well in chicken fajitas.


7. Soup
You can make sweet and savory pumpkin soup with either maple sugar or maple syrup.


8. Snack Mix
Maple syrup gives crunchy snack mix its sweetness while Thai curry paste adds terrific heat.

Maple-Soy Snack Mix


9. Bread Pudding
This sweet-savory breakfast bread pudding made with sausage and maple syrup is a fun twist on French toast.


10. Granola
Top yogurt with this healthy maple granola featuring pecans and coconut flakes.


11. Mousse
This amazing dessert is made with butternut squash, but fresh or canned pumpkin would also work well.

Harvest Mousse with Spiced Almond Tuiles



Happy National Maple Syrup Day!



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