Thomas Rhett is an open book on social media! Whenever he is out with his family, he manages to get an amazing picture and post it on social media! Skiing with his wife Lauren


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Can’t believe it’s our last day in Telluride. I’m kind of obsessed with this place???????? also, most epic photobomb ever!

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…and even taking a nice stroll with his daughters Ada James and Will Gray

TR recently posted a picture of him and Ada on a private plane! Where they are heading is of no concern to some Trolls. They were more fixated on the fact that Thomas Rhett had a belt on  and Ada didn’t! Some comments like:

Tell me why you have a seatbelt on but she doesn’t

And if only the private jet with the shoulder belts had seats that a certified child safety seat could be secured in….,


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Other comments expressed concern of his parenting skills!

I feel like people were quick to judge. They don’t know when the photo was taken, if they were even in the air, or Ada actually remained on the flight or was it just taken for the photo.

Parent Shammers were coming out to play, but many defended Thomas Rhett by saying:

I remember a time when you didn’t strap the kiddos in on a plane. You actually held them in your lap. But hey, I don’t know anymore. However, whatever the reason…MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!

I’m just going to say it, not that my opinion matters. Can y’all not find something better to do? I mean how about saying, how cute she is??? To those that said something positive, WAY TO GO! There is no way that @thomasrhettakins or @laur_akins would not put their precious child at risk. They are great parents! They know exactly what they are doing. Geez Louise y’all are ready to POUNCE! Goodness.”
~ Ryan

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