Unbelievable I’ve had to combine both the weeks! That’s how busy it’s been!

But it’s been a thrilling, exciting, awful, incredible, terrifying, honest, and an exercise in finding yourself.

Here’s how the journey panned out.

Just as I was walking into Week 8, I decided to head out doors for a run.

And then it was time for Week 8. I decided to learn how to push .. UP?

and we launched an awesome opportunity for someone to join Tracy and I at the Y!

I also explained my decision to try introducing a low-carb, Keto-inspired diet.

Tracy and I discussed what trying on a Keto-inspired diet would look like. She has always encouraged me to watch carb/sugar intake.

And Week 8’s Check-in showed nearly a 3lb weight loss on the scale.

It was back to getting back out for a run. A very hard, frustrating run.

Week 9 came with a fresh set of challenges.

This time, it was chance to learn how to do a Burpee.

Holy I did it!

But something was changing in Week 9. As the week progressed, I found myself caring more and more about whether or not this low-carb, Keto-diet was showing any signs that it was working.

By the time I walked into Tracy’s office for the Week 9 Check-In, my morale was demolished. And it was time to get real about what was happening with the Challenge.

Down 3lbs, another 1.5 off my waist. But every second I was counting calories. Every meal I was back up on the scale.

Let’s see how Week 10 pans out. I’ll check back in on Friday.

Thanks to Tracy, & the YMCA of Kingston for their support.
Follow more of my journey at the Care page, Instagram or Snapchat (Care_Finch).

~ Care xo

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