After scoring a top 30 hit with his single “Some Girls,” it looks like bigger things are coming Jameson Rodgers’ way. Among them, a new single, “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” with country music juggernaut Luke Combs.

Canadian country fans who saw Luke in concert last year on his “Beer Never Broke My Heart” tour may remember seeing Jameson open the shows. The two have been buds for awhile as struggling songwriters in Nashville. One of them is struggling a little less these days. In fact, it was Luke who asked Jameson to join him on that tour.

It was probably a whole ‘nother experience for the young man from Batesville, Mississippi. Rodgers left the small town for Music City ten years ago. Ten years ago, Batesville had a population of 7,463. Well, 7,463 minus one.

Jameson had gone to the University of Southern Mississippi on a baseball scholarship but country music would edge out that passion. And he took the work ethic and discipline he learned from baseball and applied it to his songwriting career. Once in Nashville, he played every open mic event he could find and fell in with that city’s circle of songwriters, eventually landing a cut recorded by Florida Georgia Line.

Last week on a video call with Jameson, he mentioned how he’s one of those overnight Nashville success stories that only took ten years. I asked him if it was worth the wait. “Oh, yeah,” he answered. “I wouldn’t have been ready then if I started having the success I’m having now.” There’s that baseball-inspired discipline of being patient and waiting your turn.

(backstage in London, Ont. with Jameson on the “Beer Never Broke My Heart” tour)

Like baseball, he’s already taken a few swings at the ball. He’s hit it a few times, too. Now, Jameson is patiently waiting for that moment when he hits one out of the park.