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Kingston News July 29 2015

Posted on by scott.martin

 St. Mary’s – Pain Killer Thief

The families of patients in the palliative care unit at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital are in shock after the hospital discovered a nurse has been stealing a pain killer  for the past two-and-a-half years.

Providence Care issued a news release yesterday saying police are investigating after it learned last month a nurse on the palliative care unit has removed the drug…hydromorphone.  The internal investigation found patients may not have received their proper pain medication.

Providence Care says the investigation is trying to determine how much of the pain medication was stolen and how the nurse managed to remove it from the palliative care unit.

A special toll free phone number has been set up to handle inquiries from the families of patients.

Kingston Police are still investigating and say they haven’t laid charges yet.

Scott – Environmental Fines

A Kingston entrepreneur who sold his environmental company after being charged by the Ministry of Environment says he’s paying the fines himself after pleading guilty to environmental charges.

George Scott was in court yesterday and was fined $10,000 and his former company was fined $120,000 for storing industrial waste at its Fortune Crescent facility for longer than 180 days.

Scott Environmental was bought by Tomlinson Environmental Services last August.

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Kingston News July 28 2015

Posted on by scott.martin

 Heat Warning

Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for Kingston and the surrounding area for today and tomorrow.

Daytime highs are expected to be above 30 degrees.

It says the heat will ease up a bit on Thursday.

The warning advises people to stay well hydrated, check on elderly friends or family members to make sure they’re all right and make sure not to leave pets in vehicles.

Bedford Release

Kingston Police will go to court to request a peace bond for a sexual predator that lured girls into sex acts over the Internet.  29 year old Mark Bedford will be released from a Kingston area prison next month.  He told a parole hearing he plans to live with his parents.

Police have confirmed they will be going to court to seek specific conditions to limit Bedford’s access to the Internet when he’s released.  They won’t be releasing a picture of Bedford because they don’t consider him to be a threat to commit a crime in public places.

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Kingston News July 24 2015

Posted on by scott.martin

 Man through Window

Kingston Police are trying to find out what went wrong after a man riding a bicycle went through the window of a store in downtown Kingston.

The 27 year old man suffered serious lacerations after losing control of his bicycle and crashing through the window of the Rocking Horse at Princess and Montreal Streets.

Police got the call at 10 to 2 this morning.

The man is being treated in hospital for serious injuries.

An accident reconstruction team was on the scene this morning to try and determine what happened.

Retired Officer Charged

A Kingston Police officer who retired last December after 33 years of service is facing nine sex related charges over allegations involving a young person dating back to the 1980′s.

The provinces Special Investigations Unit says it was contacted by Kingston police regarding the allegations in December.

Former constable Bruce Lindsay…also known as Jim Lindsay…is facing charges of gross indecency, sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, committing an indecent act, and sexual exploitation.

Lindsay is scheduled to appear in court in Kingston on September 3rd.

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Kingston News July 23 2015

Posted on by scott.martin

 Motorcycle Driver – Charges

Kingston Police have seized the motorcycle of a man who faces numerous charges after a brief high speed chase.

Police says the motorcycle was clocked going at 126 km/hour in a 60 zone around nine last night.

The driver was arrested on Division Street near the 401.

The motorcycle has been seized for seven days because he’s been charged with stunt driving.

The 34 year old man isn’t from the Kingston area and also faces charges of failing to stop for police, going through a red light and driving without the proper license or insurance.

Hunter – Wanted Man’s Record

A man wanted by Kingston Police for attempted murder after a woman was seriously injured by a pickup truck has a lengthy criminal record.

Police issued a warrant for the arrest of Justin Hunter last week after a 22 year old woman was hit by a truck.

According to the Whig Standard, Hunter has been in trouble with the law and on the run numerous times over the past 13 years.

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Teacher Brought to Tears by PS22 singing “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”

Posted on by scott.martin

If you wanted something to pick you up today, this might just get you to it… even if it does make you sad.

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Kingston News July 22 2015

Posted on by scott.martin

Prof – No Longer at SLC

A nasty homophobic Facebook post has resulted in the end of the teaching career for a full time professor at the St. Lawrence College Kingston campus.

The college issued a two sentence news release about Rick Coupland’s employment yesterday.

It says…As a result of complaints about comments made on social media that were brought forward to the College this matter was investigated internally. Mr. Coupland is no longer an employee at St. Lawrence College.

St. Lawrence spokesperson Kelly Wiley says the college will not make any further comment.

Wagar – Additional Charge

A Stone Mills township man has been charged with fraud after an 81 year old woman failed to get interest on more than half a million dollars of investments.

The OPP says the woman invested the money with Kevin Wagar between 2010 and 2012.

Wagar has been charged with fraud over $5,000.

It’s the second charge of fraud against Wagar.

A news release from the OPP says Wagar met the 81 year old woman when worked for the Royal Bank.  Police say he also worked for Edward Jones before opening his own investment business…The Wagar Financial Group.

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Havelock Country Jamboree’s Best Seats in the House Auction!

Posted on by scott.martin


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Kingston News July 21st 2015

Posted on by scott.martin

Vacant House – Fire

The cause of a fire in a vacant house in Kingston is under investigation.

Kingston Fire and Rescue says the fire was discovered around ten last night in the house at 482 Division Street – near Stephen Street.

Firefighters decided not to enter the house because of concerns about what might be inside the vacant building.

They were on the scene for about four hours but no further information has been released.

Offender – No Photo

Kingston Police say a decision not to release the picture of sex offender was made after they decided he’d be more likely to re-offend if he was identified in public.

56 year old Alexander Casselman is living at a residence on Montreal Street.  He was released on Friday after serving a 20 year sentence for rape.  Casselman has agreed to a peace bond and is under strict conditions that will be monitored for two years by Kingston Police.

Kingston Police spokesperson, Constable Steve Koopman, says they weighed all of the options and decided Casselman would be under significant stress and more likely to re-offend if his personal information and picture were released.

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Christmas in July? Kenny Rogers Announces New Christmas Album!

Posted on by scott.martin


Kenny Rogers has said that he’s planning to release a new Christmas record titled Once Again It’s Christmas! The last time he did that was Christmas From the Heart, which was 17 years ago.

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Kingston News July 20th 2015

Posted on by scott.martin

Prof – Facebook Post

A full-time professor at St. Lawrence College is meeting with college officials this week over homophobic comments on his Facebook page.

Business professor Rick Coupland posted a comment about a story on a pride flag being raised for a festival in the U.S. saying…”It’s the queers they should be hanging – not the flag”.

Coupland’s Facebook profile has since been deleted.

St. Lawrence it is investigating and Coupland says he is meeting with officials today and tomorrow.

Sex Offender – Kingston

Another sex offender is calling Kingston home.

56 year old Alexander Casselman has been released from prison after serving the full length of a 20 year sentence for rape.

He appeared in court on Friday and agreed to a peace bond that had been requested.

It requires him to meet a variety of conditions.

Casselman will be leaving in a residence on Montreal Street.

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